Best Saas based HRM (Human Resource Management) Software in Bangladesh

Best Saas based HRM

Software as a Service aka SaaS is a popular software model regardless of industries that are trying to get digitized. The increasing popularity of SaaS has emerged in the HRM industry too. No matter which industry you are in, to increase your employees’ creativity, work efficiency, quality, and productivity, you need a saas-based HRM software solution.

But which one to choose among a lot of HRM solutions out there? Our pick is PiHR.

So, what makes PiHR the best saas based HRM in Bangladesh?

1. With PiHR you will get an all-around employee hiring solution

  • Recruiting: Recruiting or Hiring is not as easy as it sounds. It’s a difficult job and the future of your business is latched with this process. To hire the best recruitment, you need to attract top talent. With PiHR, you are getting the assist of a digitized hiring assistant to make the process headache free.
  • Recruiting: Hiring recruits with attractive letters is not the last thing to do. The most crucial part of hiring is onboarding. PiHR is going to assist you with interviewing and onboarding processes every time you are thinking about recruiting.
  • Nurturing: Building a strong work culture within your team is the key to the stairways of your success. PiHR will assist to create a work environment from the first day

2. ​PiHR Does Not Compromise with Security:

What most of the HRMs ignore while advertising the generic features is security. Where PiHR is the opposite of that mindset. It will provide you the most secure HRM experience. With the features of configuring the privacy of your data, such as restricting or giving access to particular employees of the team.

3. ​Keep Track of Attendance & Leave with PiHR:

The flexible HRM solution that PiHR is providing comes with keeping track and fresh report generation attendance and leave of your employee. It’s one of the best time and attendance tracking software in Bangladesh. With advanced technologies used in PiHR, you can do workforce scheduling, tie tracking, absence management, sick time monitoring. Name a service or problem, PiHR will be there with a solution.

4. ​PiHR. A Completely Automated & Smart Payroll System:

No one wants to waste hours to run payroll. It kills productive time. Payroll should be easy, smart, and fast. Exactly what PiHR offers you with its payroll software system.

  • ​ Payroll Taxes: PiHR will automatically calculate taxes every time you run payroll. The tax count will follow the rules and regulations of the National Board of Revenue, Bangladesh (NBR), in default.
  • Integrated System: The HRM solution that you get with PiHR is cloud-based. So, you can get a real-time monitoring feature. Our clients love this feature as it provides them with greater monitoring service and an error-free payroll experience.
  • Accuracy: You know what kills your peace of mind when it comes to payroll? Error. PiHR provides the best HRM service that is 100% error-free guaranteed.

5. ​Salary calculation is easier than any time Before with PiHR:

PiHR provides the best salary management solution you could ever ask for with one click salary generation process. It’s not that PiHR will generate some generic salaries that you put on with the configuration. It will generate various types of reports according to the filter you select.

When calculating, PiHR analyzes various facts like attendance, absence, leave, early leave, etc. If you have an hourly worker, PiHR will generate salaries for them too according to their work rate.

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