New Item On The Plate

01. Dashboard Menu:

If you want to go to our Dashboard page, just click on the logo. Then the Dashbord page will appear.

02. Help Tips:

If you get any complication to operate PiHR Software, then you can easily remove the complications through our Help Tips feature.


Here you will get all the details of the specific feature. Just click on the marked place and the Help Tips will appear.


Another new option has come to PiHR Software. The page on which the admin usually work on, he/she can create a quick link of that page. Here you have to go on that page and have to click on the mark one. And the quick link of that page will be created. You can add 5 quick links in our software.


There is also a remove option. If you want to add more options for quick link. Just click on the ”Cross” option and again you can add another page as quick link