New Item On The Plate

01. Claim Submit Duration:

From now on, an admin can fix the claim submit duration for employees. Within the duration, everyone will have to provide the claim. From the mark option, admin can fix the days.

02. Roster Plan for Week, Bi-Week, Month:

Roster Plan for Week,
From this new option, you can easily make the roster plan for the employees who work in a shift. You can set the roster plan for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.
Leave Encashment
If your company has leave encashment policy, then you can set the policy here.
A new widget
A new widget comes in dashboard. Here admin can see which employees are on break in run time
 Addition of Wings
System admin can set maximum number of wings during company creation.
Based on upper configuration, super admin can create and edit wing for their company. In right side of action column, they will get wing list