ZKTeco F22 Fingerprint attendance Machine

Fingerprint Attendance Machine

for medium to large businesses.

Fingerprint attendance machine helps to track employee attendance more efficiently way. PiHR provides the best fingerprint attendance devices which helps in attendance tracking and employee management with attendance management software. Attendance tracking and attendance management software helps to track employee attendance records and store the data. With the use of modern attendance machines, one company can really get beneficial in reducing labor as it will do their half task done. PiHR provides some popular models of attendance machines in Bangladesh including ZKTeco F18, ZKTeco K40, ZKTeco F22, ZKTeco MB700.


Fingerprint Attendance Machines

F18 ZKTeco Fingerprint Attendance Machine

ZKTeco F18

Fingerprint capacity: 3000
Card Capacity: 5000
Transaction Capacity: 30000 Transactions
Brand: ZKTeco
Market Price: 10500 Tk

ZKTeco K40 Fingerprint attendance machine

ZKTeco K40

Fingerprint Capacity: 3000
Card Capacity: 3000
User: 3000
Specialty: Built-in Battery Backup
Brand: ZKTeco
Market price: 7500 Tk

MultiBio 700 ZKTeco Fingerprint Attendance Machine

ZKTeco F22

Fingerprint Capacity: 3000
Card Capacity: 5000
Transaction Capacity: 30000
Specialty: BioID Sensor, 2.4 inch liquid crystal display
Brand: ZKTeco
Market price: 10500 Tk

MultiBio 700 ZKTeco Fingerprint Attendance Machine

ZKTeco MB 700

Fingerprint Capacity: 2000
Card Capacity: 10000
Face Capacity: 1500
Specialty: 3.0 inch touch screen display, High Resolution Infrared Camera
Brand: ZKTeco
Market price: 21500 Tk

MultiBio 700 Fingerprint attendance machine

Why Fingerprint Attendance System:

It help’s you track employee management in a cost-effective way. Besides, It also provides accurate data if you compare it with a manual system. Fingerprint attendance devices are the best Biometric attendance machine of the time.

Attendance Management Software & Attendance Machine

Attendance software in the attendance machine helps to operate the work and complete all the tasks done from the user end. It keeps a database of all the employees, saves their clocking in-out information. Out PiHR software doesn’t share biometric fingerprints with any other party. From small business to large business it’s highly recommended nowadays to use an attendance management machine. It helps both from financial and management way.

K40 ZKTeco Fingerprint Attendance Machine

Time and Attendance Tracking Software

The reports you require from your time and attendance tracking software will determine what software package you should choose.  We have different kinds of the package and customized packages as well according to yours needs. It also helps to track every simple employee data as in this software none can provides another persons attendance. You can also track the timing when you’re employees having a visit in factory or they are going to move for the office work, what’s their next schedule etc.

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