MyPiHR Privacy Policy


At MyPiHR and our related apps and subsidiaries, we are committed to respecting our clients’ data protection rights and protecting your privacy to full effect. Our privacy policy will give you detailed information regarding how we collect, use, disclose, retain, and protect your information.  Please read through the information carefully to understand how your data is safe with us.


The Information We Collect

 Whenever you fill a form or add your personal information on our website, we collect it for future use. 

You may enter your name, email address, phone number, and mailing address while filing a request on our website for us to collect. We also collect information such as device location, IP address, browsing history, browsing information, transactions, and other information necessary to provide you optimum services. 


Collection Sources

We are always on the lookout for information we might gather from you. Therefore, we can gain control of your information through the following mean:

  1. Service registration
  2. Online forms
  3. Social media interaction
  4. Contact via phone calls or text messages
  5. Browser cookies


Information Utilization 

Below are the ways through which we utilize your information collected through our website.

  1. Website Improvements: We take feedback from you and use it to improve our website and services.
  2. Customer Service Improvement: Your feedback and information help us get in touch with you in a better way, improving our customer services. 
  3. Transaction Processing: We provide you information for products and services according to the transaction you make online. 
  4. Marketing: We might promote our services to you through adverts. We may sell information to services such as Google Analytics. You can contact us if you wish your information to not be sold.
  5. Periodic Emails: We send periodic emails regarding our services to everyone who has subscribed to us and provided us with some information. 


Information Sharing

Your information is only shared with the following bodies: 

  1. Related Entities: Sharing information with our other applications and subsidiaries. 
  2. Government Bodies: Sharing basic information to secure Terms and Conditions and such.
  3. Marketing Third-Parties: Sharing information with third-party applications and tools to create adverts. 


Information Protection

We use encryption technology, site monitoring, and firewalls to keep your information secure within our system. We take all reasonable commercial steps to protect your information, but we suggest you secure your information through your own efforts. We are not responsible for any information protection.

We do not ask for your passwords or sensitive information. Contact us if you think your information has been compromised.



Cookies allow us to scan through your system’s hard drive to help us recognize our browser. However, you will have to allow enabling of cookies on the website. You can choose to set your browser to refused cookies automatically. 


Information Storage

We only use your information while we are in business together. We dispose of the information when we see fit according to your communication and transactions with us. 


Your Data Rights 

You have the following rights in terms of data protection from our company.

  1. The right to information regarding how your data is being obtained. 
  2. The right to erase or place restrictions on your data collected by us.
  3. The right to object your information being used for marketing purposes.
  4. The right to withdraw consent on your data processing.
  5. The right to lodge an official complaint regarding data protection matters.
  6. The right to not disabling your information to be sold to third-party applications and tools.