The Advantages of Integrating Payroll with HR Software System

In our professional life, internal office proceedings often decrease the speed of service or productivity. Human resource management is one of the time-consuming parts of every office. It requires a lot of workforce and time to make things done. And if the payroll team works separately in the same office, there is a risk of spending money twice on the same file. Organizations need solutions that combine the best HR functionality and processes with expert payroll management. Now in Bangladeshi standard offices, HRM software systems look after these functions. ‘MyPiHR’ is one of the reputed firms introducing HRM software in Bangladesh.

A very useful feature of this software is integration. An integrated HR management system allows both HR and payroll teams to access all the identical information using the same database to process payrolls in time. There are a lot of benefits of integrating HR and payroll software systems. We are going to present some of them here for you.

Eliminates Double Data Entry

It is very common for the HR department and payroll team to mess up with double data entry. Double data entry begets misinformation and misunderstanding among HR and payroll teams. Since HR and payroll teams use almost the same data about their employees, there are chances of double data entry in paper works. Also, both teams produce various spreadsheets and files that contain the same data of employees. These are unneeded, redundant paperwork. And when these papers somehow don’t match with one another, that is a different problem of misinformation. But by integrating the data banks of both teams, you can easily solve double data problems. The automated system will update the necessary files will on its own. 

Eliminates Double Data Entry - MyPiHR - HR Software in Bangladesh

Environment-Friendly Solution

If the payroll team synchronizes with the HR department through the HRM system both teams will have the same data. The HR team and payroll team can share their files and data over the software database. It reduces the overwhelming manual paperwork and reduces time plus energy. After integrating the files and paperwork you need only a minuscule amount of paperwork. And the usage of digital databases also reduces paper wastage. Thus, this integration is very environment-friendly.

Self-Service of Employees

With an integrated HR management system employees can check their payrolls anytime they want. And that decreases the chances of inaccuracy in payrolls. The software system allows them to check their previous payrolls, overtime information, and leave deduction too. So, there remains no hesitation about payment as it secures accountability of HR and payroll teams in the office. Employees can even request edits to their payrolls in a systematic approach. In various cases, this self-service feature is proven helpful for building a friendly environment in offices. It satisfies the employees making them more cooperative as well as attentive at work.

Self Service Employes - HRMS - MyPiHR

Integrated Comprehensive HR Reports

For any office and their departments, making reports is a must. For the HR department and payroll teams, it is important to submit data and reports to a higher authority. Specific reports along with annual, bi-yearly, and quarterly reports need to cover in time. But if the reports from HR and reports from payroll teams mismatch, a huge problem arises in management. Also, it takes a lot of time and patience to do it manually.

To resolve these problems, the two teams need to share the same data and info from the same database. The best option is to integrate data of the HR and payroll team producing a comprehensive report. By using an HR software system you can easily make this report without the trouble of double data entry and mismatches.

Integration Facilitates Decisions

With the help of comprehensive, integrated data and reports from both HR and payroll teams, it is way easier for the authority or employer to make the right decision both for employees and the office. By this integration, an employer can assess the reality in his office and can make choices on how many or which kinds of employees the office requires in the following year. It also helps to make business decisions, production decisions, and policymaking.

Without HRM software it may take months to process an HR report collaboratively with the payroll team. There are also chances of data mismatch. The software reduces time and money for you. The employers can check through the report in hours and decide comfortably. 

Maintaining Office Standards

Smart offices are now introduced in Bangladesh after a boom in all the developed countries. Business automation, office proceedings are now popular with digital technologies. Things are getting easier and efficient. To operate an office smoothly business firms are transforming into smart offices maintaining office standards. In a smart office, HR integration is equally important for automated banking and IT facilities. Integration between the payroll team and HR is a key attribute of any smart office.

In today’s digital Bangladesh, official processes are getting smart. The advantages of integration and efficient human resource management can bring dynamic growth to your business. So it’d be smart to ensure the integration of payroll and HR using HR management software for your utmost progress.

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