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You cannot argue the need of utilizing Human Resource Management when you own a business or, pretty much, ever have experience of doing any official or any job. There are tons of ways businesses and organizations have been doing Human Resource work in their own ways. One of the ways, that has been into the business from the beginning of human resources is utilizing papers.

But let’s think about something more critical of using papers for doing Human Resource works. In 2020, utilizing papers is pretty much not recommended even in private companies, not to mention the enormous organizations or businesses. Paper is delicate, effectively lost, requires space, lacks portability support, and not a far-reaching inclusive solution. Paying a little heed towards this matter, the utilization of Human Resource Software has gotten widely popular among organizations and businesses.
The success of your organization, regardless of what your organization does, to a great extent, relies upon Human Resources. As HR software has become the most mainstream system in modern business, still not every HR software is perfect or best to use. There are a few criteria that should be met for HR software to be considered as a decent Human Resource Software.

To make it easier for you to choose which HR Software worth your money and will fulfill all your human resource work, we have gone through ten HR Software available in Bangladesh. They all are renowned in the HR software industry. They all have their own differences. What we will do is to give you confidence in choosing one solution for your business by presenting you with the pros and cons of this HR software. So, without any further ado, let’s dive deep into the world of HR Software features.


#PiHR (VivaSoft Limited)

Not surprisingly, the PiHR is first on the list. Isn’t it obvious? PiHR is offering you the experience of using the best HR Software in Bangladesh. Undoubtedly, PiHR is the best HR and Payroll Management Software in Bangladesh.
You must have heard of PiHR if you have ever heard of or researched anything about Human Resource Software or HR Software in Bangladesh. PiHR is one of the best creations of VivaSoft Limited. The idea to make such great software came from the need for Human Resource Software that you can truly succeed on your individual goal.
There are tons of reasons why PiHR is on top of the list. Some of their unique and useful traits are really about taking the user experience to a whole new level. With all the basic features of decent HR software, PiHR is introducing you to Employee Tracking, Expense Management, Digital Notice Board, and most surprising the Stone Wall Security. Your human-resource-related data are very sensitive and breaching this information can turn around and bite your whole organization.
Another pro, we cannot but mention is their pricing. It’s not always that we should rush to choose the cheapest one. But PiHR is best at the pricing because they have balanced and tailored their starter package “Tiny” with all the basic and fundamental features starting from 2000৳ per month for up to 25 employees! Really? With all those free Employee Database, Free Support, Free Updates? It’s a bargain for anyone who is thinking to get Human Resource Software for their business. That’s not it, they have packages for various the different employee numbers. But if you need a custom package PiHR always welcome you to contact them.


#SmartPay (Zaman IT)

 You probably heard of Zaman IT. They have been around in the software industry for quite some time. Their HR & Payroll Software is also a good HR software solution for businesses. They have introduced decent HR Software under the banner of SmartPay which is quite renowned among the HR software industry.
With SmartPay from Zaman IT, you have the features of Unlimited User, Access from Remote Place, Unlimited PC access, Individual Access, and an on-the-point User Panel. With SmartPay you can have the accessibilities to fundamental features of keeping company information in one place, customized setup for an individual business, keeping Employee information with all necessary information, allowance, deduction, loan, salary and pretty much everything an HR software offers. SmartPay is developed with PHP, MySQL under the CI framework.
The interesting part of SmartPay is you can generate a report of different sorts and filters. HR Reports can be generated with any type of combinations to meet the specific HR needs. You can also generate Salary Report to keep track of your employee salary transactions.
Pricing is a bit tricky in SmartPay from Zaman IT. It’s not quite developed for small businesses. Their least small package is for an employee count of up to 100 employees and starts from 1,00,000tk. It’s tremendous for a large corporation or business but not ideal for small or medium size to waste a single breath considering to choose SmartPay from Zaman It.


#LinesPay (Divine IT Limited)

LinesPay is one of the growing and potentially good Human Resource Management Software. It was developed by Divine IT Limited, who are pretty much in this accounting related software industry for quite a time.
There are a couple of features and usability for which LinesPay made the list. Their wide coverage in one system is really a unique system to maintain all HRM data in one system. Their Recruitment system is also a strong point for them to make on the list. They have a feature call Recruitment Cycle Management Feature to procedures the recruitment for initialized recruitment and creating new employee appointment letter.
All other basic and fundamental features of HR software such as loan, attendance, leave, the holiday is there for you. Overall, it’s a decent HR Software to choose for your business.
But sorry if your organization or business is in the small or medium tier. LinesPay is extremely expensive with its unique features and starts from 2,00,000tk for an employee count of 100. Yes, it’s really an expensive solution, but if you need and afford it, then you will get what you paid for, simple as that.


#Spark (Aplectrum Solutions Ltd)

Aplectrum Solutions LTD has been in the business of HR management with Spark for around 5 years. It’s one of the best HR Solutions in the market which did not make out the top 3 list. There is a reason behind it.
Spark has all the ideal features of HR software and many more. With the most exciting user interface and user experience. Spark takes clients seriously and tailors them customized HR software regarding their needs.
But then what kept it out of the top 3? It’s because its HR and Payroll software solution is designed only for Ready Made Garments. It’s not your ready to go HR solution to work with any small, medium, or lard business or organization.
Remaining solely in the RMG industry, Spark provides the fastest solution for any Apparel HR solution while offering salary management, bonuses, attendance and leave management with dynamic shift management and so on.
Pricing is not disclosed for typical clients from Spark as mention above they develop a custom-tailored solution, so for pricing, you need to contact them with your needs in the RMG industry. Do not bother contacting them if you are not in the RMG industry though.



Roopokar is another well-known software development and web designer from 2009. Along with their ERP and accounting software, their HR software is also quite good.
Roopokar’s HR software provides high volume data management capability and data backup. Might sound like a generic HR software feature, but it is their focus strength in this industry. Their security and after-sales service are also quite good for your business to manage human resource management efficiently.
Their pricing is also not disclosed as their service costs vary from one solution to another. But you might consider choosing their service then you have to contact them as any change of process, design, reporting can be made on-demand.

#Jibika Plexus

Jibika Intelligic Limited is one of the experienced software companies dedicated to HR and Payroll systems in Bangladesh. There is no argument about their HR software quality. This is decent HR software.
With Jibika Plexus you are getting, more or less, all-around human resource management features, such as employee information, leave register, loan manager, personal file manager, disciplinary action manager, and so on. Their advanced payroll system is also a great option to run your payroll.
This is one of the companies that does not disclose pricing. They create a quote for individual clients and make pricing on demand. If you are to choose their service there is no other option to get along with their pricing range apart from contacting them with what your business or organization really does.


GenIT is a renowned HRM software developed by GenIT Bangladesh. Their HR software offers pretty much everything you need to simplify human resource management, one easy-to-use, flexible and functionality-rich package.
GenIT offers project management to listing your project, asset management to add and manage assets. There are other basic and fundamental features of Human Resource Management software has to offer in GenIT. Interestingly enough they also offer Awarding for your employees.
Not much recommended, but you can contact them for the pricing and any other beneficial features for your business or organization.


Another top-rated HR & Payroll software you can ask for. SmartHRM was developed by Smart Software LTD, a very much respected software company in Bangladesh. With their renowned name, their SmartHRM offers a money-worth service too.
SmarHRM’s cloud-based program and real-time biometric automatic attendance system are very popular among other generic features that HR software has to offer. SmartHRM also offers Performance Assessment and benefits Management which might help your business’s human resource management.
The pricing of SmartHRM is also very straightforward. Their Basic package supports Employees count of 10-50 costs 2500tk per month. Which is a very affordable solution you can ask for. Furthermore, you can integrate add-ons modules such as a mobile app, general store and others which is going to cost you a little more than expected.


MechanixLab also offers a very generic and basic human resource management software solution in Bangladesh. They are not much popular but you can take them as one of the most potentially good human resource and payroll management software.
Their HR and Payroll Software covers almost all the fundamental HR software features. Not very fancy, but much negligible. If you are to explore and give chance to smaller companies you can choose MechanixLab and take their service.
About pricing, same as most of the companies, you have to contact them with your demand and they will let you know how much it will cost for you to take their service.


Dusra is a goodish type of HR software developed by Dusra Soft. They are very straightforward about their lacking but they offer what they are good at payroll management.
From Dusra, you are getting customized salary features, payment slips, basic HR management, and other fundamental human resource management-related work. Their pricing a bit confusing as they stated 1000$, but you can contact them to see if they really can offer you something good for your human resource management.


No matter the size of your business, either it’s a small or enormous company, HR work benefits a company a lot from the back to achieve its goal. To do so, we need human resource software to escalated the whole HR process to be done in a short period and without extra headache. So, you need to choose the best HR and Payroll Software for your company.
Hope the list above will help you decide your next human resource management companions to do your business or organization’s human resource-related work. With the right HR software, it will improve the efficiency of your HR team, employee experience, save you money, improve regulatory compliance, and most importantly it will help you make better decisions.